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Moby is actively seeking locations to deploy renewable power generation as well as sites with existing - preferably stranded or uneconomic - power.  we are focused on commercial buildings suitable for rooftop solar, oil wells producing stranded natural flare gas, remote off-grid solar properties. 

Moby installs an appropriately-sized proprietary design Micro Data Center, built to high tolerance specifications to support cloud-based, high-performance computing in the harshest environments.  By doing so, we are able to bridge uneconomic or stranded power sites through to a useful grid source in the future.

Power Generation

Our team has deep experience in power generation, rooftop solar installation, oil and gas development and investment.  

We seek to deploy up to 100MW of capital expenditure investment over the next several years to own, operate and control our energy supply.


Liquid immersion cooling is the greatest advancement in data center technology in over 20 years.  

Immersion cooling is an unlock.  The exceptional heat management provided through liquid cooling allows for previously unachievable power densities, yielding 90% reductions in real estate footprint.  Container-based edge data centers can now replace the equivalent of 3,000 - 4,000 sq ft of (expensive) brick-and-mortar data center space.  

Our custom-designed MDCs go a step further by capturing nearly all of the heat generated, making it available for local use, including water heating, industrial processes, building heating, greenhouse heat and co-generation.

Cloud HPC

Today's applications require immense computing capabilities.  High-Performance Computing (HPC) supports a broad array of critical applications including AI & Machine Learning, 3D/CGI/VFX Rendering, and Crypto/Blockchain-based processing. 


Expansive, scalable computing power - accessible via the cloud -will ultimately drive HPC activity in the future; the power must ultimately be renewable and sustainable.

Moby provides best-in-class HPC infrastructure that yields optimal economic and operational performance for HPC service providers.

Cloud rendering firm? Animation studio? Existing HPC data center operator?  Give us a shout to learn how Moby's solutions can turbocharge your business.

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